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From Me To You


Genre :: Fluff, Romance

Rated :: PG-15

Length :: One Shot

Recommended Songs :: Super Junior D&E – GIFT, Acourve – Honey (The Girl Who Sees Smell OST), Baek Ji Young – Because of You (Hyde, Jekyll, Me OST), B1A4 – Sweet Girl, Super Junior D&E – Don’t Wake Me Up

||special Kim Ki Bum’s Birthday||

Happy reading!! ^^

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Two Person – Flashback

prev :: #1.Nerd and Innocent | #2.Aggressive | #3.Control | #4.Can (not) Stop | #5.Do (not) Stop#6.Start Again, Meet Again | #7.The Real Kim Ki Bum | #8.About Park Soo Rin | #9.Missing | #10.Chance | #112person_pt11

Genre :: School Romance

Rated :: PG-15

Length :: Series


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With You – Part 6

Pt.6 – Kiss & CrywyCvr

Genre :: Romance, School Life, Complicated, Family, Friendship, Angst

Rated :: PG-15

Length :: Chaptered

Recomended Songs :: Park Jang Hyun – 두사람 (Two Person) (The Heirs OST), Sung Shi Kyung – 너의 모든 순간 (Every Moment Of You) (Man From The Stars OST), Ye Sung – 먹지 (Gray Paper), Tae Yang – 이게 아닌데 (This Ain’t It), Super Junior – Don’t Leave Me Continue reading “With You – Part 6”