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[The Day] We Felt The Distance


Campus Life, Friendship, Fluff, Romance

PG | Mini Chaptered

before :: A Sadistic Boyfriend

Backsound(s) :: Kyu Hyun – 멀어지던 날 (The Day We Felt The Distance), DAY6 – 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Letting Go)

“Kau tidak mengerti karena aku memang sulit untuk dimengerti.”  Continue reading “[The Day] We Felt The Distance”

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Fluff-Romance | PG-17 | One Shot

Inspired by. POKUPON‘s Gift

She gave me a special story as my birthday gift at last June 21 ^__^ it really-super-sweet until I won’t let kisukisu ending like that huhuhu >< so this is like a sequel of that story but you can’t read the before story cause that special story is a special gift which just for me~ hahahaha 😆😆

so, H A P P Y   R E A D I N G this! Continue reading “My KI”