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A Live Video

Genre :: Slice of Life, Family, Fluff

Rated :: G

Length :: Vignette


“Dia cocok denganku, bukan?”

H A P P Y    R E A D I N G

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Two Person – Leave

prev :: #1.Nerd and Innocent | #2.Aggressive | #3.Control | #4.Can (not) Stop | #5.Do (not) Stop | #6.Start Again, Meet Again | #7.The Real Kim Ki Bum | #8.About Park Soo Rin | #9.Missing | #10.Chance | #11.Flashback | #12.In The Other Side | #13.First Date | #14.Ki and Sang | #15.Moment of Farewell | #162saram

Genre :: School Romance, Family, Angst

Rated :: PG

Length :: Series


Recommended Songs :: VixxLR (Leo Solo) – Words to Say (할 말), Kim Sung Gyu – I Need You

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